"Trees are poems the earth writes upon the sky,
We fell them down and turn them into paper,
That we may record our emptiness."
Khalil Gibran

Sunday, August 6, 2017

On Sorrow

Emotion, Sadness ~ ErtéFair Use

I grow older
ghosts accumulate
one now waits for me at the back door
which wasn’t there before

My wound won’t heal
it oozes and sulks
having taken on a life of its own
which is not my concern

I court sorrow
like an old lover returned
from journeying
and not someone I ever missed


Flash 55 PLUS! in the Imaginary Garden.


  1. 'I court sorrow like an old lover returned from journeying and not someone I ever missed' .. this is brilliant, Kerry!

  2. I really love this poem, but find myself wanting to just sit quietly with it.

  3. A very profound and sad poem. The language is so simple, but what it conveys is very subtle and real. Really well done, Kerry--awful to contemplate but terribly well done nonetheless. I wonder/hope if even writing something like this out is not a boon in times of sorrow. Thanks. k.

  4. Such complexity of emotions.

    After my first reading, I was immediately concerned for your speaker--the lack of worry for the oozing wound, that strange backdoor, all those ghosts...

    For my second reading, I focused on the fact that sorry is something the speaker knows (intimately), but not something missed or even wanted... She will be okay. She's not loving what's happening, but she has danced with sorrow before--she knows him--and sometimes the only way to deal with that sort of beast is by developing a bit of numbness... before kicking the bastard in the teeth.

  5. The sense of witness rather than participant is very strong here.Perhaps it is a way to disconnect or perhaps it offers a higher more open perspective. The poem is profound.

  6. All I can do is say this echoes my own feelings under a new weight of mortality this year; mortality itself a sulking wound which only worsens and never heals in this life--your metaphors are exquisite, Kerry, especially the close.

  7. like an old lover returned
    from journeying
    and not someone I ever missed

    It conveys a strong character able to withstand the emotional stress of love unfulfilled of someone abhorred. When one is betrayed it knows no limits. Very true Kerry!


  8. "I court sorrow like an old lover returned from journeying....." I know that kind of sorrow. This is beautiful, Kerry.

  9. Grief is peculiar, it hangs on events, but sorrow spreads and lingers like this stain, like, well -- who could say it better -- like an old lover returned / from journeying / and not someone I ever missed. And darkling way is, even more, courted. It is one of the least loved gifts of time but, as the chorus of responses here say, it is also a very common one. 55 named it perfectly in your voice and style.

  10. There must be something. An intriguing and well expressed experience.

  11. I admire this piece, even though the voice is dark. maybe because so.

    as Hedge notes, we live in a darker world, both larger and closer, it seems.

    (I really wish we could ban that dude above me, though - he's polluting the stream. i deleted 3 of his comments on toads, but I've seen him on a lot of the blogger authors. he doesn't seem to make it thru wordpress spam filters...)

    1. Some of us have been doing our best to alert Google to the fact she (yes!) is a spammer, but you're right, we seem to have to keep doing it.

    2. I keep clearing her out of both blogs.. such a pest.

  12. Yes, it becomes familiar; one is almost uncomfortable without it.


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